In 1916 the tank was the most classified project in the world. When the Mark 1 rumbled through a town making its infant tread marks, the government had everyone locked inside their homes and windows covered. This land ship of metal and men was to finally break the stalemate of the trenches. Come and learn why we needed these fickle machines and how they progressed quickly through the years to the precision tools they are today.



British Mark 1

*Historical Reference
Mark1The machine gun and trench warfare contributes to 20 million deaths and a stalemate. The answer arrives as the Mark 1 lumbers across the German trenches. Armored warfare is officially born.




German Tiger

*Historical Reference

The Nazi regime builds the most powerful and technologically advanced tank the world has ever seen. So sophisticated they wired it with an internal self-destruct in the event of enemy capture.




British Chieftain

*Drive This Tank

As the cold war brings the threat of a Russian invasion, the top British thinkers redefine the tank. The Chieftain rears its hull with improvements such as a reclined driver’s position and a 120mm gun.




American Abrams M1A1

*Historical Reference

The Americans collaborate with British engineers and bring home Chobham armor. The U.S. military advances further and succeeds in building a superior tank. The Abrams tracks its way to the global stage.











Power can be felt, heard, seen, and quantified. If it is quantity, learn about our chieftain main battle tank’s 856 horsepower engine behind 121,000 pounds of machine and see what that does to your grandfather’s car. Feel the thunder of the tracks start from your feet and rise up to your chest. Hear the result of the Barrett 50 Caliber’s firing pin discharging a 750 grain projectile. Never again will you have this much power literally at your fingertips.



Barrett M82A1




Anti-Material Rifle


United States
Caliber: .50 BMG
Weight: 30.9 lb
Max Range: 7,450 yd
Chieftain MK 10




Main Battle Tank


United Kingdom
Main Gun: 120 mm
Weight: 60.5 Tons
Service Life: 50 yrs+
















The low grumble hails its coming as the T-55 Main Battle Tank rolls into view. The body seems to float seamlessly over terrain that is even difficult to walk across. Surprised that a machine that big can move that fast, you watch as the implement of brawn and battle is thrown into a U turn. Rock, stone, and earth are spit off the back of the track like ash. As the dust settles the 100mm main gun pointing forward beckons, let’s go again. You hear your name called. There are two kinds of people in the world talkers and doers. Climb into the hatch, it’s time to drive.







Three Star Lt. General

Have you ever wanted to drive a piece of history? Have you ever test fired an authentic, antique sub machine gun? Come and see what people are raving about in this entry level driving package. Our densely wooded course has enough peaks, valleys, mud, rocks, and turns to fine-tune your tank driving capabilities. Riding, driving, and shooting will give you much to learn about a tankers way of life.


Four Star General

This package will leave you trained in combat maneuvering. It is one thing to drive these massive machines with your head sticking out of the driver’s hatch – which you will do. It is quite another to navigate from a combat driving situation. Come and find out how soldiers really drive through a war zone. Afterwards the ability to shoot three historical machine guns should give you supreme bragging rights to your friends.


Five Star Commander In Chief

This package provides enough training and hands on experience to fill any bucket list to the brim. Nowhere else in the world can you participate in the driving that you will do with the Five Star. Since you rewarded yourself with such an honor, why not shoot a different weapon of war for every star in your ranking? You won’t stop there! Find out the destructive weight and power of a tank decimating a car. The Five Star is for the elite looking for a truly one of a kind exposure.

Customer Comments

  • Best "man" gift ever.
    Carrie Cloat Stier
  • "Wanted to thank all of you again for the great time today. My Dad has been talking all afternoon and very much enjoyed himself. With all of his health issues and his limited ability to get around, you really made this a memorable day for him. Thank you very much."
    Kirk Zeaman
  • We, my groomsman and nephew, just spent the day driving tanks and shooting guns. The best day ever. As the groom I was able to crush a car with a tank. Highly recommend.
    Jonathan Bruen
  • " Rachael and I wanted to thank you and everybody else for their hospitality on saturday during the drive a tank event.  We enjoyed all of the time that we spent driving the tanks, firing the machine guns and especially for all the time everybody spent answering our questions and telling us all the stories.  We are already talking about coming out again! "

    Darren and Rachael Sefren
  • “We can not thank you enough for your hospitality, generosity, and understanding with our whole family.  My in laws were very pleased with everyone and everything at your site/home.  You can be sure that we will be repeat customers and will share your name with our friends.”
    Christin Lipinskiw



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