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Here is a list of the most frequent questions we are asked.


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General Questions

  • Are there height and age requirements?
    11 years old and 4'6" tall to be a passenger
    14 years old and 5' tall to be a driver
    ALL persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during the event.  Parents/Guardians may have a driving voucher or a passenger voucher to accompany their child, but must have their own voucher to be onsite.
  • Who would want to drive a tank?
    Many people who call would like to celebrate a holiday, a milestone birthday, or wedding with their loved ones. We have also had veterans bring family members because they wanted to share their past military experience with their family. We host many corporate events as well as smaller private parties for bachelors and bachelorettes. EVERYONE who calls, and even you, if you are reading this, probably wants to drive a tank! After all who wouldn't'? Tanks are made for adults and we do have restrictions. Children under 11 and 4ft tall are not allowed.
  • Where else can I do this?
    Simply put, no where. As of right now, the only place where you can do what we do is right here in Kasota, MN, USA. We are the only known company offering this activity to the public in our country, and the only place in the world where you can do this and shoot a fully automatic historic machine gun under one roof, and that is NOT owned by a government entity.

Vehicle Questions

  • Can my friends drive the tanks and shoot the guns?
    We are not able to allow your friends that join you to rotate into the driver's position. Our packages are build in a way that the driver advances in their learning and education of tank driving. It is crucial to learn how to drive the entry level tanks before graduating to the others and the same goes for the guns. However, friends can buy their own gun packages on the day of.
  • Can I shoot the big gun on the tank/armored vehicle?
    No, all our armored vehicles equipped with a barrel have been "de-milled" according to U.S. government requirements. De-milling removes basic parts required for firing rounds from the vehicle. Also, Minnesota law prohibits the firing or discharge of a weapon from a vehicle.
  • Do you have any American armor?
    The American Military does not release their amor to the public like England and other countries. Wars and skirmishes took place in Europe, and out of the need for farm equipment and transport vehicles, old and outdated European military vehicles were/are put to good use in the civilian market. Sadly, much of the U.S.'s historical WWII amor is at the bottom of the ocean or inoperable. The Department of Defense's Ken MacNevin (spokesmen for the Defense Logistics Agency's Disposition service) has this to say "in the case of combat vehicles the U.S. Army no longer needs or uses, the Department of Defense's demilitarization policy requires them to be destroyed. You might see a tank outside a V.F.W. or in a park, but it isn't a working one, and the government considered it to be a long-term loan. No one really owns it." Due to availability, the fact that England has been an ally through the years, and prices of their vehicles; most all of our armor is British.