The Original Established in 2006

3 Star



3 Star Lt. General
Begin your day at Drive A Tank with safety training & brief history of the vehicles you will be driving. You will then be transported to our battlefield in our 5-ton troop transport where you will jump into the drivers’ hatch of an Abbot SPG. You will be driving not on an open field but in a densely wooded course that will test the limits of the vehicle and its operator, you. After testing your driving skills, you will come back up to our indoor gun range where you will fire an authentic STEN machine gun. Finish your day with a tour of our shop and equipment, learning even more about armored vehicles.



3 Star Lt. General
  • Safety/History Presentation
  • 5 Ton Transport
  • Drive FV433 Abbot SPG
  • 1 Machine Gun
  • Shop and Equipment Tour
  • ––
  • ADD ON’s
  • Passenger 1 – $49
  • Passenger 2 – $49
  • Single Car Crush – $649
  • Double Car Crush – $849

*Drive A Tank, Inc. reserves the right to substitute package features when necessary