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Corporate Packages





Your team will experience an unforgettable and completely unique adventure.


Corporate Rate

We specialize in corporate events and part of that experience is a custom rate for corporate groups.

Personalize Experience

Each event is tailored to the individual organization. We’ll get to know you and your team and create a unique experience for your event day.

Team Building

Part of the corporate event  is our  team building option. It’s unique to a corporate event day and one of the best ways to take your experience to the next level.









Each event day will start off with a saftey presentation followed by a military vehicles presentation. Afterwards your group will be transported to the Battlefield in a 5-ton troop vehicle where they will learn to drive the Abbot SPG. Once they’ve mastered the Abbot they will be taken back to the firing range in a Humvee and trained in on the 9mm STEN.



Passengers are limited to two per driver.

Drivers Corporate Package Single Car Crush
1-5 $349.00 $599.00
5-9 $309.00 $549.00
10-19 $289.00 $499.00
20+ $279.00 $499.00









Team Building

We have a special option for those organizations that want to add a little competition and strengthen team unity. Individuals will be placed into teams and evaluated throughout the day on their driving, shooting, riding and knowledge retention. The team with the highest score will have an opportunity to crush a car with our Chieftain Main Battle Tank.


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