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Ultimate Package



Ultimate Package

Can’t decide on what you want? The Ultimate package gives you a little bit of everything we offer at Drive A Tank. Start your day with a small safety and history presentation after which you will take a 5-ton truck ride down to our battlefield. There you will first drive the Abbot SPG to get a feel for driving armor. Then you will move to the 432 APC where you will experience driving periscope as they did in battle. Then take your experience to the next level with driving one lap with the T-55 and the Mk 5 Centurion Main Battle Tank. Further separate from others as your drive another iconic tank with 2 laps around our course, one open hatch, the other periscope in our M4A2E8 Sherman. Finally finish up your driving experience with a 121,000 pound Chieftain MBT as you experience a single and a double car crush.Finish your ultimate experience with shooting thirteen of our historic machine guns. Start with the Sten and work your way up to our loudest and flashiest guns including the M2HB and the M134 Minigun.



Ultimate Package
  • Safety/History Presentation
  • 5 Ton Transport
  • 2 Passengers
  • Drive FV433 Abbott SPG
  • Drive FV432 APC
  • Drive T-55 MBT
  • Drive Mk 5 Centurion MBT
  • Drive Sherman E8 with head exposed
  • Drive Sherman E8 hatches closed and through the periscope
  • Double Car Crush w/ Chieftain MBT
  • Thirteen machine guns including the M2HB and M134 Minigun
  • Shop and Equipment Tour

*Drive A Tank, Inc. reserves the right to substitute package features when necessary