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4 Star



4 Star General
Bring friends along with our 4 Star General Package that includes 2 passengers! You and your passengers will go through our safety and history presentation where you will then be transported via 5-ton to our battlefield. There you will take the driver’s seat of the Abbot SPG while your passengers occupy the Commander and Loader positions. After operating the Abbot, you and your comrades will move to our armored personnel carrier, the 432 APC. With all hatches closed, you will drive periscope around our course. After your driving experience, it’s back up to our indoor range to shoot machine guns. Here you will shoot a STEN, an M4, and our 1919 belt fed. End your day with a tour of the shop and other vehicles in our armory.



4 Star General
  • Safety/History Presentation
  • 5 Ton Transport
  • 2 Passengers
  • Drive FV433 Abbot SPG
  • Drive FV432 APC
  • 3 Machine Guns
  • Shop and Equipment Tour
  • ––
  • ADD ON’s
  • Single Car Crush – $649
  • Double Car Crush – $849

*Drive A Tank, Inc. reserves the right to substitute package features when necessary