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5 Star



5 Star Commander In Chief
Get the most out of your day with us when you purchase the 5 Star Commander in Chief. Start your day with a safety and history presentation as well as a 5-ton truck ride to the battlefield. There you will start by driving the Abbot SPG to get used to armor, then move onto the 432 APC to experience periscope driving. Then choose between our T-55 and Mk V Centurion and drive one lap around our wooded course. Cap off your driving experience by demolishing a car in our 121,000 lb. Chieftain Main Battle Tank. Head into our indoor range for the next part of your package. Four historic machine guns at the tip of your trigger finger. And that’s not all, round out your shooting with our Barrett .50 BMG that will leave you breathless. Wrap up your day with even more tank history as you take a tour of our shop and other vehicles.



5 Star Commander In Chief
  • Safety/History Presentation
  • 5 Ton Transport
  • 2 Passengers
  • Drive FV433 Abbot SPG
  • Drive FV432 APC
  • Drive T-55 MBT or Mk 5 Centurion MBT
  • Single Car Crush w/ Chieftain MBT
  • 4 Machine Guns
  • Barrett .50 Cal Anti-Material Rifle
  • Shop and Equipment Tour

*Drive A Tank, Inc. reserves the right to substitute package features when necessary